Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacant Possession

Received mail via pos laju regarding the delivery of vacant possession. The letter was dated 25th July, and it only arrived today, 2nd august. We need to notify the developer on the premise defect within 2weeks from the date on the letter. That's pretty short notice right?
By the way, I wonder how many visitors here will be my future neighbours, who plan to move in to the land far far away?


  1. the bank just asked me to start payig the full installment by august, so far there's no news on my unit which is the semi-d type... anyone knows anything?

  2. we just paid our progressive interest for 25/7 to 31/7,last week. our installment with AmBank is due on 1/9/11 together with the fire insurance premium of RM331.16. how much is the fire insurance premium at Eon Bank...anyone? Our installment is also higher than in our letter of offer due to the higher BLR.

    we'll be checking our house next week.

    > concern: collect your house key after you have checked your unit and are satisfied. the sales lady said that after we collect the key, we can only go back to them if there are leakages. but isn't the defect liability period 24 calendar months from VP?

  3. > aj : Did you collect your house key yet?

    And for house fire insurance we don't need to buy it as long as our house price more than rm100k waste our money 2nd if you really want to buy it why not buy Great Eastern insurance better & will get back all our monies.