Friday, August 12, 2011

House Inspection; No Keys Yet

After paying the quit rent at the Farlim Sales Gallery, we made an appoinment for house inspection expecting to get the keys. The house inspection was accompanied by the site supervisor and 2 sales guy. Being newbie on buying a new house, we relied on what the site supervisor advised us, check the door, signs of leakages, if the window can open and close well, the number of electrical points etc. Some friends told us to knock every tile to check if there's hollow sound but there were just too many tiles.

Basically, there were some peeled paint on the door frame, minor leakage at the 2nd room "balcony" and the paint work of the house was barely satisfactory. We were told that we will only receive the keys after the developer has touched up the paint work and attend to our complaints. We were also cautioned not to perform any renovation else the developer will not be responsible for any defects; do not install any fittings else it may get stolen. The developer so kindly gave FOC a huge mirror each in each toilet upstairs, perhaps they could have be kinder providing more freebie? While the promotion brochure looked great with lotsa nice trees, the actual site had several malnourished trees but we're glad that there's a playground and a nice garden at the entrance of the housing area.

OC is expected within this month and we shall wait for the day when we get the keys.

Here's a snapshot of the 20X62 terrace:

And the view of what's opposite one stretch of the double storey terrace.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for updates.

  2. To all the buyers,

    Better have a looks on your property how the quality looks like, just received the O.C now start showing damage to the house spotted on the walls paints start peeling off in the house.

    How their developer doing their work almost all unit leaking at balcony saw their workers painting & painting on balcony after raining and wall cracking by painting only how they going to solve this problem?

    Their workmanship very bad and slow respond "tak kisah attitude", how are we going
    to received a lousy quality.

    Don’t know whether their Managing Director Datuk Sxxxx Hx aware about this, how his workers & developer doing job. Better think twice next time on other project.

  3. i couldn't think the garden will become public garden in future, apartment next to us never have a gate and it just look like they are one part of buyer of palmyra residence...
    when i checking my house, the supervisor ask me whether i'm working in electrical factory - because i check very detial like using the microscope... i paid for this house, takkan i simply sign for the letter?