Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bank says: Pls start paying

We received an account statement from EON Bank stating the interest at RM500 plus. I guess that means the house is completed and it's time to start paying. Strangely, should there be some notification from Belleview or the Bank stating the completion status and asking you to start paying?


  1. hi,

    I thought we do not need to pay single in 24months? Bank will bare 18months and developer will bare from 19months onward till VP?

  2. Hi Guys,

    I also received the statement the bank started charge me the interest Rm300+, I call up to verify with Belleview staff, they say the bank should not charge us until we get our vp/oc and the eon bank officer promise me to returned (rm300+) it to me once they received the payment from Belleview in two weeks time. Let's wait and see... this month end.

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