Monday, July 2, 2012

Interesting Places in the rather Uninteresting town

Pulau Betong fish market. Sometimes a lot of fish, sometimes no fish eventhough at the same time same day. I myself am not too sure how to know if it's a good day. Anyhow the 3 photos below were taken on a good day with lotsa fresh seafood and the gigantic stingray.

If you're coming out from Palmyra, at the traffic light, turn right towards Pulau Betong (left is towards Sunday pasar malam). Go until almost the end and you will see an old faded signboard "Pasar Nelayan Pulau Betong"

We just discovered there's a huge Thai food restaurant at the Anjung Indah peak (the view point at Jln Tun Sardon). We went on a weekday so there was only 2 tables. The food is so-so only, but the view is good and the price, you judge for yourself. I still prefer Khun Thai, good food, ok prixce.

And lastly, the Sunday Pasar Tani. It doesn't have the greatest fresh produces but at least it's some type of activity in the sleepy town.

Now I still have problem looking for decent breakfast venue which can meet the FTZ food standard.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Latest Additions

Our latest additions to the house. This should be our last renovation works before embarking to phase 2 of beautification of the house.

If only electricity is free so that I can turn on the air-con 24x7 coz it's really really humid in Balik Pulau.

Thanks to my neighbour behind (smile if you are reading this), we found out that we can get really fresh fish from the Pasar Nelayan at the end of the road towards Pulau Betong. The price is reasonable, only disadvantage is that you need to clean the fish yourself.

By the way, we saw a dead tiny snake at the junction at our housing area. Not sure if this is a one-off occurence, else we need to start doing something about it. My car door just had a tiny hornet nest which luckily the eggs did not hatch. Living amidst nature?


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Staying here

We have gotten used to the distance and not having a shopping mall nearby. However there are few things that really annoys us:
1) There are a lot of mosquitoes eventhough we keep all windows and doors closed, switch on the Ridsect Good Night liquid, turn on the UV zapper or apply minyak serai. The kids get bitten all over and we can't keep the windows opened for ventilation.
2) After/ before rain, there are a lot of winged ants (and I really mean a lot). It is a big headache cleaning them up and sweeping is not the most effective way. Vacumm doesn't work well too.
3) I expected quite cooling air from this area. However it is really hot and humid. Maybe it's not confined to Balik Pulau alone.

And some of the other complaints
- A lot of non-resident kids driving motorbikes and taking over the playground.
- The water in the drain is stagnant, and water doesn't flow at the curb in front (where you put the rubbish bin). It gives me the impression that belleview only cares for viewable aesthetics (e.g. using branded WC, switches) but doesn't care much about the structures.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Green dream to come true soon

Quote from the Star, 24th April 2012

BALIK Pulau folk can look forward to enjoying some leisure activities on a 0.0734 ha plot in front of the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) market complex which will be converted into a mini park.
State Local Government and Traffic Ma­­nagement Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said the mini park would be unique as it would have a nutmeg tree sculpture and various trees.
“There will also be a mini stage for people to conduct recreational activities such as aerobics and dancing.
“Apart from the beautification project, I also urge MPPP to consider setting up a recycling centre in the council’s complex to encourage better recycling practices,” he said before officiating at the recent groundbreaking ceremony.
Also present at the ceremony were MPPP president Patahiyah Ismail and Penang State Assembly Speaker Datuk Abdul Halim Hussain.
MPPP Recreation, Tourism and International Affairs Department inquiry board member Mohamed Akbar Mustapha said the park would have seven nutmeg trees, 10 weeping willow trees, and 15 Bucida Molineti.
“Other attractions will include a water fountain, pergola, lounging deck chairs and a pedestrian walkway,” he said.
“This is the first mini recreational and educational park in Balik Pulau,” he added.
The construction began on April 2 and is expected to wrap up by May 13 next year.

Monday, April 9, 2012


We have been travelling back and forth from Palmyra to Bayan Baru area quite frequently nowadays, finalizing stuffs in Palmyra before we move in. The travelling time is around 30 mins using Teluk Kumbar way (without jam). It can be quite tiring travelling there twice a day, that's 2 hours out of 24 in a day.

We are quite worried about the security at Palmyra since very few have moved in, and we have seen a weird person walking at the back lane and easing himself in the drain. Furthermore with the way the car porch roof is designed, one can easily climb over to your house. Let's just hope that safety will not be such a major concern.

The drains at the backlane is still stuck eventhough MPPP said that they have cleared it. Same goes to the front drain, Belleview didn't do a good job ensuring good drainage system. During the evenings, there are a lot of kids "lepak-ing" at the taman entrance and the playground. It is also sad to see that the playground not being maintained well.

It seems like an impossible task to get the house squeaky from the renovation dust. The hourly maids spent total 8 hours to clean up the house (that's RM140), and I have mopped the floor like a gazillion times but it still feels dusty.

Hourly maid: I have only so far managed to get one agent who comes to Balik Pulau. Due to low demand in Balik Pulau, they only come on certain days and minimum you need to get a full day maid OR 2 maids for 4 hours. Thats minimum RM100 every visit - looks lik it's DIY for some time until more cleaning services cover Balik Pulau.

Food, we have tried the restaurant called "Yeh Lin" but it is below expectation and not child-friendly, lotsa smoking people. We got to know there are 2 food court/ restaurant at the back of the old market. Will give them a try when we move there.

Meanwhile, it's off to packing and packing, anticipating the day moving into our new house. The curtains had arrived, cost us around 1.5k complete with railing installation & kitchen blinds, from Kamdar.