Monday, November 30, 2009

Balik Pulau: Fresh Air and Peaceful Life

I had a chat with a colleague who was born and bred in Balik Pulau.

me: Isn't it far to travel to Bayan Lepas for work?
him: No ah, not far. I leave my house at 8.25am, I arrive in office at 8.50am. Jam is at Equatorial area only. You must choose the right time to travel.

me: You enjoy staying in Balik Pulau?
him: It's a nice place what. We have fresh air... the mountains block all the pollutants. We save money because we stay home at watch tv, there's no shopping complex around. We have good schools in Balik Pulau. That's why you see ppl like us who was born in Balik Pulau, still buy houses in Balik Pulau now. We have a big pasar and we have nice laksa.

me: Then how do you buy your groceries?
him: After work, drop by Sunshine Square, get those stuffs you want and go home!

me: Flood?
him: Your area no flood one lah. Don't worry.

Now, doesn't it seem like a good place to stay? To the Suiwah Corporation management guys, since I promoted Sunshine Square here, can you all consider to have a Sunshine Store in Balik Pulau please :) ??