Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Any of the readers have the code for Palmyra tiles? Living Room, Kitchen, Maid's room, Upstairs? If yes, pls share. Thanks.

15th Dec 2011:
Thanks to reader "WW":
1) Kitchen wall tiles - 300x300mm ceramic tiles Guocerra K926A
2) Porch - 300x300mm Homo. tiles Guocerra DRF01
3) Bedroom - 600x600mm Guocerra YMP6305


  1. Hello,
    I don't really know the answer to your post. However, I hope I can get some information from you. From your previous post, it showedd that your unit has the front door on the right side. May I know if the stairs in your unit is located on the same side as the front door or is it on the opposite side? Because I think there may be some irregularities with the show unit.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Hi EH, our door & stairs are on the right side. The show house door & stairs are on the left side.

  3. Hi Emandjay,
    Sorry to intrude again. I am looking to get a place there and I am abit confused with the numbering of the houses. Apparently the unit number in the brochure is different from the number of the house. Is this true? For instance, unit no. 11 in the brochure wouldnt have house number 11.

    I have been there but then I got confused. I am not from Penang so its hard for me to go back there again.

    THank you so much.


  4. I think in the brochuris lot number & after O.C. it has house & road number....
    emandjay, do you think it's easier to ask the developer?

  5. The site sup asked me to collect a sheet of paper listing all these from show house. Too lazy to drive there. :)
    EH, ya the lot number when they sell is different from actual house number

  6. Hey,
    Anyone received the petition to build speed bumps byt he developer?

  7. Palmyra Buyer: there are tiles with codes on display at Belleview's office in Farlim. not sure if they are for Palmyra. maybe you can call and check with them.
    Anonymous: my current house number is almost double that of my plot number.
    Anonymous: I've returned the respond slip for the speed bump petition.

  8. I also did some reno & called the Belleview office to check, they give me the code i want :
    1) Kitchen wall tiles - 300x300mm ceramic tiles
    2) Porch - 300x300mm Homo. tiles
    Guocerra DRF01
    3) BEDROOM - 600x600mm GUOCERRA YMP6305
    Hope it helps.


  9. Hi WW, Thanks a lot!

    Build hump also need petition, plus cost borned by developer? I'm thinking this is part of their marketing strategy :)

  10. Anyway, it's good thing for us! we don"t want motorist to race infront of our hse....


  11. Hi All, everyone already collect your key?
    how was the result after touched up?
    anything i still need to be careful?