Friday, November 11, 2011

Frustrated with Hong Leong

When we bought Palmyra last time, I told hubby to get the EON Bank loan coz I was lazy to check out the other option - AmBank. It is one of the worst decision I've made regarding $$ so far.

We do not know how to read/ interpret the monthly statement sent (that with hubby being a finance buff and myself, oklah, A1 in Prinsip Akaun). The way the debit & credit are tabulated, it shows a forever increasing or stagnant loan amount! The online banking transaction summary is worst, and even the bank's personnel himself acknowledging that.

We paid 2 visits to Hong Leong Bayan Baru, there was no one knowleadgeble to advice us and the branch manager was not in for me to vent my frustration. We went again today, and what the customer service managed to help us was to call a loan officer and we spent 15 mins talking on the phone. Talking about numbers over the phone is not effective! At the end of the conversation, the loan officer said she will call us back to clarify (which luckily they did call!). Apparently the Bayan Baru branch is focused on business banking now, and all home loans are handled in Auto City branch!

Next regarding the Hong Leong MSiG Insurance which the bank bought insurance on behalf of us. The insurance cert had hubby's name wrong, and when we told the branch that this is their problem as the submitted the name wrongly (we did not fill in any form), the officer said he will follow up and call us back. 3 weeks has passed, no call. We enquired on this again today and we were told to write official letter to ask for ammendment.

I never had any problem with my current OCBC homeloan.

Frustrated frustrated frustrated. Is this just the beginning?

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  1. glad we didn't take our loan with EON bank. nearly did but the glitches in the beginning deterred us. Now that our loan with AmBank is fully released, it has been problem free. There was a problem with our first payment but that was solved asap. The system had charged us penalty interest for early payment.
    But at least you receive statements. we don't.