Friday, October 21, 2011

Using the new highway

We've been trying out the new highway to Pekan Genting twice. Some of the highway stretches are not completed yet. Going there from Bayan Lepas seemed so far, I guess it takes too long to see civilisation compared to the Relau way. The journey back seemed much shorter.

Since the highway ends in Pekan Genting where Palmyra is, it looks like this will be the preffered road in the future for us. There are several bottlenecks before reaching the highway where we most probably have to endure the jams during rush hour. The highway looks pretty scary too, so don't look down, just look at the road.

We're getting the renovation guy to provide quotation for us. Here are some plan in mind for our DST intermediate but we have no idea how much it will cost us.
- Repaint the house
- Install CCTV & alarm system
- Install autogate, since the gate is not designed for manual open/ close. Notice there's no latches like normal gates?
- Knock down the balcony in the 2nd room for extension
- Do nothing to the "pseudo balcony" in the 3rd room coz there's a toilet window sticking out
- Knock down the maid's room coz it's too small and there's no window
- Replace the windows in the toilets with frosted glass; no peeping toms allowed.
- Build a balcony to hang our clothes there, install a door from the master room (which may mean removing windows?)
- Knock down the wall between kitchen and laundry area to make way for wet kitchen

That should be about it coz cost of living is real high nowadays but salaries are not increasing proportionately :)


  1. nice to hear your renovations plan. we have the same thinking for some of renovations.

    which contractor you dealing with? the 1 advertised(banner) in front of the show house?contractor from Balik Pulau or from town?
    mind to share the cost?

  2. painting the whole interior cost about 5k....

  3. it's good to hear that you guys are moving in. where do you guys work? anyone working in Georgetown? we still can't decide whether to move in or to sell. thinking, having to travel to Georgetown everyday in rush hour traffic might be nightmarish. thinking, maybe we should be contented with our little apartment in Tanjung Bungah. we are now just 20 minutes to work.

  4. i have a friend moving there(Balik Pulau town area-near market)almost 2 years, went to Air Itam for breakfast every morning, guess u can go to town using that way? we too will move in next year cause our appartment too small for our family....

  5. the contractor haven't given us the quote yet, we are eagerly anticipating the $$$$ that will come out. The banner in front of the show house is the site supervisor's friend. I saw the kitchen photos on work done by him, not really impressed coz kinda old fashion style. I saw ppl bringing their contractor to the showhouse, I guess to get some ideas.

    aj - i already feel the distance eventhough i work in bayan lepas. but thinking of the space and the fresh air in BP :) think positive. come and be my neighbour :)

  6. emandjay,you guys are one of the reasons we are considering moving in. it's good to know that you will be there. but the distance is a real challenge.
    thinking of extending the 2nd bedroom first. Ah Soon,quoted RM2k for that.

  7. hi, not sure you all have any idea on the WINDOW & DOOR GRILLE for whole house? about how much of the cost.

  8. grilles with powder coated finish - 5k, noy including awning....

  9. visited yesterday-someone has moved in, grills on a few houses have been fixed, and a few houses, reno is ongoing. balik pulau is a really nice town-most places are still so green. po piah is still RM1 for a roll at the market. the goreng pisang outside Maybank was quite yummy and cheap. if IKEA and Tesco would come, and paya terubong road improved,it would be a great place to live.

  10. anyone know if we have to apply for permit from MPPP to extend the 2nd and 3rd rooms?

  11. i think no need cause it's within our house plan long as u don't exceed to the back lane.

  12. Last Saturday i went to visit that area, saw a few unit already move in. And 1 of the unit is malay where is facing the 'T' junction. And i am working at FTZ, still consider whether still wanna move in or not.
    Can i know whether follow the road from inti or teluk kumbar, which 1 is nearest ?

  13. Hi Justin, today's the Star mentioned that Teluk Kumbar highway will be completed in July 2012. if there's minimal jam at Teluk Kumbar, i think this is faster coz highway exits as Pekan Genting where Palmyra is. I have not tried both ways during office rush hour, so can't comment which is best for ppl working in FIZ like us.

  14. Any news? Anyone starts reno or plan to move in already?

  15. Hello,
    You plan to install a door in the master bedroom to go to the roof of the porch? Hmm, couldn't the window open to let you step out?