Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Staying here

We have gotten used to the distance and not having a shopping mall nearby. However there are few things that really annoys us:
1) There are a lot of mosquitoes eventhough we keep all windows and doors closed, switch on the Ridsect Good Night liquid, turn on the UV zapper or apply minyak serai. The kids get bitten all over and we can't keep the windows opened for ventilation.
2) After/ before rain, there are a lot of winged ants (and I really mean a lot). It is a big headache cleaning them up and sweeping is not the most effective way. Vacumm doesn't work well too.
3) I expected quite cooling air from this area. However it is really hot and humid. Maybe it's not confined to Balik Pulau alone.

And some of the other complaints
- A lot of non-resident kids driving motorbikes and taking over the playground.
- The water in the drain is stagnant, and water doesn't flow at the curb in front (where you put the rubbish bin). It gives me the impression that belleview only cares for viewable aesthetics (e.g. using branded WC, switches) but doesn't care much about the structures.


  1. yes, agree with you! they really doesn't take good care of the envirorment.... i put mosquitoes net at all my windows, maybe u can try that too?

  2. I guess i have to experience this as well after moving in these few months time.


  3. Hi future neighbours, I guess this is what to expect after moving from high rise back to landed house. Will have to add in mosquito net at all windows then for renovation.

    I will only be moving in after CNY next year.
    Hope by then more people will be moving in.

    1. I totally agree with you. I even wrote an email to Belleview to ask for action, especially the Mat Rempit.....sadly, nothing has been done!

  4. Good day,
    I am a owner of Palmyra but not staying at Palmyra yet. I just got to know about your blog-thanks for your initiative. I realise many community issues at Palmyra and I feel setting up a Palmyra residences RA (residents association) is a first step to improve things. Do contact me at 0194700357 if you would like to explore this issue.
    Best regards