Monday, July 2, 2012

Interesting Places in the rather Uninteresting town

Pulau Betong fish market. Sometimes a lot of fish, sometimes no fish eventhough at the same time same day. I myself am not too sure how to know if it's a good day. Anyhow the 3 photos below were taken on a good day with lotsa fresh seafood and the gigantic stingray.

If you're coming out from Palmyra, at the traffic light, turn right towards Pulau Betong (left is towards Sunday pasar malam). Go until almost the end and you will see an old faded signboard "Pasar Nelayan Pulau Betong"

We just discovered there's a huge Thai food restaurant at the Anjung Indah peak (the view point at Jln Tun Sardon). We went on a weekday so there was only 2 tables. The food is so-so only, but the view is good and the price, you judge for yourself. I still prefer Khun Thai, good food, ok prixce.

And lastly, the Sunday Pasar Tani. It doesn't have the greatest fresh produces but at least it's some type of activity in the sleepy town.

Now I still have problem looking for decent breakfast venue which can meet the FTZ food standard.

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  1. just saw on Kwang Wah newspaper introduce an old coffee shop with 73years history had good kopi n traditional hand made noodles in Sungai Pinang....when u come out fr Palmyra instead of turning left to the traffic lights, turn right u can go to Sg Pinang....