Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ideas and More Ideas

Snapshots of some real houses with renovation done.

Changed the grill of the 3rd bedroom:

Look at how a ramp was done from the back gate:

Some houses extended the front door. My personal opinion, not much additional space gained.

This balcony caught my attention. The entrance was a glass door, which looked like a window.

Stairs from the master room to the balcony (another house).

I have tabulated the details I got from the site supervisor. Refer to it at your own risk ya :)

Not many people have moved in. Maybe around 6-7 houses..

There are a lot of Malay food around, not too bad coz we love Nasi Goreng Kampung & Tom Yam. Need to scout around for nice Chinese food, and the nearest place to get fresh vege & fish since the market is quite some distance away.


  1. Wow, the first t picture with the balcony extension looks great. I dont think the front door extension brings anything beneficial. By the way, isn;t there a regulation against changing the exterior outlook of the house? The closing of the balcony of the bedroom at the back looks practical too.

    There is a house around balik pulau that sells homemade laksa and prawn mee. THat has to be tried out. Also there are many shops in the food court by the bus station which isnt too far away/


  2. thank for the photos.
    EH: do you know if we need to get approval for the closing of the back balcony?

  3. now got around 10 houses moved in.....and quite a few more doing reno...

  4. I was told by Lembahan that any rennovations to the exterior structure of the houses need approval. So, it all depends on what constitutes an exterior structure and whether or not the information obtained is reliable.


  5. a draughtsman quoted me RM3k to get MPPP approval for reno. peace of mind and no need to worry about the kopi thing.