Sunday, March 6, 2011

6th March 2011 Visit

Finally we had some time to drive to Balik Pulau to see the latest updates on Palmyra. Our Proton Exora did pretty well going up and down the winding road, but that would mean the fuel expenses will increase 3 fold once we move to Balik Pulau.

There are not many lots left. The guys there said the project will be completed this June. That would means ka ching ka ching ka ching get ready for $$$$ reno, furnitures, home loan, moving cost etc etc. In my memory, the rooms were much bigger but looks like they have shrunk during this visit :)

Need to start thinking how to renovate the house since it's getting nearer:

- to setup a balcony, where to put the door? One side will block your location of the dressing table and the other side will block your bed.
- should we hack the wall between the kitchen and the "laundry" area so that there's bigger space?
- can we move the location of the "maid's room" door to the dining area and make it into kid's playroom (though it's pretty small)
- the upstairs 2nd & 3rd room, there are some pathetic space outside. It is currently placed with the aircond condensor. Can we hack the room to get a few inches more of space?

Any good ideas???


  1. hi im migrating to canada . im the owner of unit no 99 end lot (palmyra terace lot). i would like to sell it off before i fly to canada .
    if anyone interested give a call 0125716951

  2. wow! ma...jor reno u r contemplating. had only thought of extending the 2nd room (the one with the balcony) and maybe moving the kitchen door so that the bathroom and maid's room would be on the inside.
    but we still haven't decided if we're moving there. thanks for the update.

  3. we visited yesterday-our house looks quite ready-the road signs are up. the main road is named Jalan Sungai Nipah 6. Am a bit concerned about the pathway of rain water from the roof-it seems to fall onto the car porch roof-over time it could erode it-was quite a strong jet of water. wonder if they'd be fixing a drainpipe to direct the rain water to the ground-but where would it go. don't remember seeing any drains within the house compound.

  4. hi, nice review of Palmyra, we are looking to get one now and just want to know what was the launching price for this house?right now some investors selling for RM490k n developer selling some bumi lot as well..pls advice..can reach me at

    Atn:SRI Tanjung,
    have you sold off your unit?..just curios..heheh

  5. so far no "kacau" in rooms extension...