Monday, October 26, 2009

Real Property Gain Tax is back!

I guess most of you would have known by now, RGPT of 5% is back. Looks like there are more considerations to be done whether to sell off or renting out current house.

We're very excited about Balik Pulau house though, thinking of the peaceful life, better air quality and hopefully the highway will be ready for shorter time to workplace. Let's cross our fingers and hope some type of super/ hyper market, be it Sunshine or Giant or Tesco or Careffour will set its presence in Balik Pulau. When ppl hear that we plan to move to BP when Palmyra is ready, their first expresssion, "So Far!!!! Are you sure????" Ya, that is currently my worry as well, but think positive!

I'm sorry that there have been no updates, too busy to go to the site for some photos on project progress. To the readers, pls send in any photos if you have, due acknowledgement will be given!

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