Friday, September 25, 2009

SnP signed by Developer

We received out copy of SnP from the lawyer's office yesterday. Developer signed the SnP on 9th Sept 2009, let's wait for 2 years from now on. Signed lotsa documents on bank loans also.

Basically, we're quite disappointed by the "post-sales" customer service given by the EON Bank agent. We had to sms him for updates instead of vice versa. He promised to contact us to deliver us the cheque book, but no news until we received a letter informing us to collect it by a certain date before it gets cancelled. There is again extra charges of RM7.50 for the cheque book.
Lesson learnt: Don't limit yourself to a partner bank in the beginning. Give a chance to the other bank which may offer the same rate, but their level of service maybe different (better?)


  1. Thanks for your update, I am still waiting for the copy of SNP. As well, I haven't openned current account in EON bank. The EON bank agent also not yet approach me on this .

  2. I already signed my S & P. So far, I do not encountere any problem.

    This blogspot is a good platform for us to know each other's problem and how we overcome them